A change of feeling is a change of destiny.

~Neville Goddard

Thank you for clearing my energy from depression/anxiety issues. I have felt so much better from the minute we talked!

~Rebecca N., Virginia

I have felt so much peace since our session! I got the job I was seeking and I have felt more content and confident. Thank you for making me feel safe and comfortable. 

~Stacy A., Utah

My experience with the help of Clearly Inspired Healing began kind of innocently. I was talking to Brooke about an experience that happened at work. I accidentally hit my store manager in the face with a box when he very kindly tried to help me. I have always laughed when I am nervous about something. As I related the story to Brooke, she kindly listened, but I was really afraid that I would laugh the next time I saw my boss. A couple of days later Brooke called me back and asked me to tell her the story again. I knew that she had helped me with it, but was amazed that I was able to relate the story and did not have the inappropriate laughter. We went from there and Brooke did a session for me. I have so many things that I had worked on for years, but one thing especially. As we got to that, I was afraid that I was taking too much from Brooke to help me. I can not even explain how light I felt after we were done. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of me. I wanted to dance and jump up and down. As I talked to Brooke a few days later I found out that I was not taking from Brooke, but she had felt the weight that I felt. She knew what she had lifted off of me. I can only thank God for this great blessing.

About a month later something had happened to our cat. Thomas is such a part of the family that it was hard to see him suffer. As I looked at him, I could see that the back left side of him was swollen and his tail just hung down. I wondered if he had gotten bitten by either a snake or a spider. I had my one daughter call Brooke. I wanted my children to see that what Brooke is doing is a true blessing. Almost immediately there was a change with Thomas and I can say that he has completely recovered. Thomas is back to his loving self!

Gayle B., Virginia

Since my youth I have experienced several types of dysfunctional relationships. Some were from family sources and some came from outside the family. This resulted in me having low self esteem, insecurity issues, depression and chronic migraines as well as other physical and emotional difficulties. In 1996 I suffered a whiplash injury in an auto accident and have had Fibromylalgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome since then. Brooke has helped with some of my physical issues, after which I asked Brooke to do a full session with me citing depression and other emotional issues. During that session she discovered and addressed issues that I thought I had worked through but that still remained and needed to be cleared. Funny thing is, I hadn't told her any specifics. She had impressions about certain people and events in my life and I confirmed those as being correct. She did a timeline and, once again, I confirmed to her that those dates or ages were significant, not once telling her any information before hand or much after the fact.

Recently, I became overwhelmed and could feel that dark fog of depression creeping up on me again. My physical weaknesses were feeding that, too. I needed a "tune up" so I scheduled another session. Well, if I thought the first one was intense, this one was even more so.

I get the whole tapestry analogy now and know that Brooke was correct when she said that my family needed healing, too, and that's why I felt compelled to schedule a session. They were urging me from above to help them to heal and find peace. What a great blessing to know that you are in a position to do so. I know The Spirit was there and that it testified to us both.

Both sessions were professionally done with great compassion and love, putting me at ease, reassuring me of my anonymity if needed and desired. 

Brooke has a wonderful gift that she uses wisely and appropriately on behalf of others.

I would not hesitate to endorse her to anyone who inquires.

Bonnie K., Arizona

I was not familiar with energy healing. But knew I needed something that was not from the medical industry. I've tried that for years. I have had allergy issues that caused asthma and I struggled with medications and treatments that just never seemed to "fix" it. Being older (66) I just resolved that I would have to live with it. I heard about Energy Healing and thought that it couldn't hurt.

Well, what I discovered was a spiritual experience. I knew that my issues were going to be cleared. I completely understood what was going to happen because Brooke explained it to me before we started. I was astonished by what she learned about me by communicating spirit to spirit. She explained generational healing to me and it made so much sense. I feel that this method of healing is going to be the only healing available to us in the last days.

Trudy Filbert, Indiana