Welcome! I'm Brooke. I'm a wife and mom of six kids on earth and one angel baby, Hyrum. 

I learned about The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® in 2009, when it was known as Calyco Healing. I was a few years into my alternative medicine/natural healing journey at that point. I knew a little about energy healing through a different modality and had read amazing healing stories, but it required a lot of tapping and I hadn't been able to clear any of my issues to any noticeable degree.

Upon learning about it, I was immediately drawn to Calyco Healing. I loved how clearly Carolyn described it and the amazing changes that people were seeing in their lives after their sessions. When I read a testimonial about how much faster it was than the other modality I knew about, I was even more interested! I wanted to do Calyco Healing training right then, but it was expensive and the time just wasn't right.

I did not forget about it, though. I joined the email list and participated in a couple of group healing calls. I did the Energy Healing Basics Clean and Simple Course in the fall of 2012, and had an insatiable desire to learn more! Finally in 2013, things worked out and I was able to attend the Intensive 4-day SimplyHealed™ Training.

Since then, I've been on a journey of transformation! It's truly amazing to me that I have the knowledge, skills, intuition, and God-given talent to clear the energy for myself and others so that God can step in and do the healing in peoples' lives. The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® is Clearly Inspired!

My Story

Knowing that you have working with you a force, which never yet has failed in anything it has undertaken, you can go ahead in the confident knowledge that it will not fail in your case, either.

~Robert Collier