Therapeutic and Medical grade essential oils are one of nature's most Clearly Inspired healers. I've been searching for a while now for the best quality oils at the most affordable prices, and I have found a couple brands that I feel great about recommending. Whether you're using them for their physical, emotional, or other benefits, you can't go wrong with either of the brands below.

Butterfly Express oils are high quality essential oils at an amazing price. Their website is incredibly informative about essential oils and their proper use, as well as other natural healing products. I am a wholesaler for Butterfly Express, so if you find a product you would like to purchase, contact me and I will offer a discount for ordering directly through me.

Purify Skin Therapy oils are organic or wildcrafted medical grade essential oils. The price is higher, but very competitive with other non-organic companies, and extremely reasonable. Their website is also highly informative with videos. She offers live, in-person classes, many of which are free to attend. I am an affiliate with Purify Skin Therapy, so ordering through the link below helps me out. Thank you!

I have met both of the women who own these companies and they are a wealth of information. They are both concerned with getting high quality oils and information to the public. I highly recommend both companies.

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~Prentice Mulford

Essential Oils